UTM pilots' watches are bringing a legend back to life: the Me 109 and its most famous pilots.

This watch components manufacturer from Schramberg in the Black Forest has issued an exclusive and limited edition of high-quality pilots' chronographs. The four editions pay homage to the four most famous fighter pilots from the Second World War:

The watches come with a decorative aluminium presentation box and an impressive range of accessories. These include watchmaker's tools for replacing the strap, etc., as well as a leather belt as an alternative method of fastening the watch to the wearer's wrist.

The highlight, however, is the story of the flying legend on which they are based. Detailed biographies of the pilots have been put together with painstaking attention to detail. As an encore for Me 109 enthusiasts, moreover, there is a piece of original Me 109 wreckage that was found in Sigmaringen.

Complete Shipment Peace of original Me 109